Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Death

Black Death

By Dennis Renner


For deep within the darkness,

In the bowels of the earth.

Looms a monster of doom.

Death and destruction are its mirth.

A frightening substance,

Buried deep in this sphere.

A place where it should remain,

Otherwise, we all shall fear.

For once the black death,

Is brought from below.

Its evil spirit will begin to grow.

As the monsters power is released,

Our planet grows closer to being deceased.

Its evil plan is for you to die.

Greed is its ally.

Its apparition slithers above the ground,

Until it befalls its prey.

Its death and destruction are bound,

Bringing gloom to everyday.

The forest and the farmer feel the pain,

When it descends as acid rain.

Blinded from its shadow,

The sun and the truth.

Beware of the open window,

Death follows this evil sleuth.

How to we stop this evil?

The monsters all consuming feast.

For we as the black death user,

Nurture and propagate the beast.

The answer is simple,

It’s the golden rule.

It is a simple principle,

Don’t burn the black death fuel

Seek out and use alternative solutions,

Bicycle, walk ,or run,

Saving the earth, for future generations,

Perhaps children will breathe in fun

Without the soul of death, blocking the sun.

Oil and Coal…

Written and Illustrated by: Dennis Renner

Copyright © 1998 Dennis Renner

All rights reserved. No part of this poem/book/recording may be

reproduced with out written permission from the author,

nor may any part of this poem/book/recording be reproduced, stored in a

retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means

electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or other without

permission from the author.

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