Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Link to Close up Shots of FWDRWS recumbent

A lot of home builders have contacted me about wanting to building this design for them selves. As I have not drawn up plans as yet these pictures should help the home builder design and build their own frame.


  1. I'm going to build a FWS recumbent, and you are the most known person who built such bike :)

    I've got small questions..
    First of all.. Why did you use 24" wheels? Because of your legs length? Or just my "picture" measurements are wrong (and wheels are 28")?

    Have you tried a different angle of steering axis? Did you consider the different angle in general? Why the angle is 70deg to the back (about, again taken from the picture)?

    Greets from Poland!

  2. HI Dennis,
    All I have to say is THANK YOU for the pictures.
    San Francisco